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Seattle Times - (October 12, 2003)

Guitarist's soulful music soothes ailing children -
For Seattle musician John Nelson, life really does inspire art. Every week, with guitar in hand, Nelson performs at the bedside of infants and children at Seattle's Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center.
"It's really gratifying for me. It's given me the opportunity to give something back, "said Nelson, who has been volunteering at the hospital for 2 1/2 years. "It's very deep to be with people in that environment."
The experiences at Children's Hospital inspired Nelson's first full-length instrumental recording, "Soliloquy." The Album, which is mostly acoustic guitar, consists of gentle, sweeping music that is at once calming and inspirational.
The self-taught musician, who has been playing guitar for nearly four decades, is also a composer who brings an array of musical tastes, from rock to world beat, jazz and folk, to his work. Nelson brings music to the people through regular performances at cafes around the Seattle area, including Ravenna Third Place Books and Honey Bear Cafe.
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Victory Review Acoustic Music Magazine- (September 2003)

John Nelson is a versatile guitarist whose playing ranges from rock'n'roll to rock-a-billy to the exquisitely gentle contemplative music that fills this, his first solo CD. Nelson has spent a great deal of time in the studio as producer and arranger, working with a remarkable range of musicians. He also spends a good deal of time at the Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Seattle, playing for the patients, their families and the staff that cares for them, and this CD is dedicated to them, calling them the inspiration for his songs. Clearly, there has been a richly loving and emotional interaction between the patients and their caregivers and Nelson's playing. This is one of the most gratifying solo guitar sets in some time - sweet, surprisingly simple, touching - a great companion to nearly any of your daily (or nightly) activities and a delicious listen like letting your eyes dwell on a campfire or waterfall. The word that keeps coming to mind is "care". You are likely to care deeply for this set. - (Bill Fisher) Victory Music

CD Baby

This CD is exquisite. Each piece has its own set of colors, its own voice, and allows the listener to dance, hum, or look inward. No two songs are alike, and this continuum of surprise compels the listener to appreciate the entire work. John Nelson's skill as a guitarist, composer and performer leave the listener more than satisfied. The music travels from folk song tradition to jazz, gypsy and almost classical. It only enhances the beauty of each piece to know that much of the music was inspired by children making their journeys through illness, children John knows and plays for at Seattles Childrens Orthopedic Hospital. It is a rare, must have collection by a stunningly talented, insightful musician. - (Caroline Aaron) CDbaby.com

The Light Connection - (September 2004)

Soliloquy is the telling work of a man who has devoted himself to assisting others in their healing process. Soothing and inspirational, his solo guitar provides a gentle experience that frees the mind and invites the soul to do its healing work.
This collection of guitar instrumentals combines meditative themes and varying time signatures to produce a spacious feel and an embracing sound. It also works well as gentle background music.
"For Seattle musician John Nelson, life really does inspire art," reports the Seattle Times (Oct. 2003). "Every week, with guitar in hand, Nelson performs at Seattle's Children's Hospital & Regional Medical Center."
"It's really gratifying for me," says Nelson, a self taught musician and composer. "It gives me the opportunity to give something back."

New Age Retailer Magazine - (October 2003 Issue)

The simple sleeve packaging for Soliloquy belies John Nelson's soothing, talented, and original guitar work. Offering ensemble and solo instrumentals, his latest CD was inspired by the patients and staff at Children's Hospital in Seattle, where he performs regularly. The recording quality of Soliloquy is professional and intimate, clearly revealing Nelson's emotional connection with his original audience. The melody on "Rondelay" gracefully circles round and round, while "Island Waltz" takes listeners on an easy autumn journey through the San Juans of Puget Sound. This music is equally calming and inspiring. Play Soliloquy in your store to promote this accomplished indie artist and to amp your music sales. New Age Retailer

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